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The Wandering Cup is proud to partner with local small businesses to provide fresh, homemade baked goods and breakfast pastries. We spent time selecting each of these companies, ensuring the quality and standards align with our own. Our customers deserve the very best. 

Learn more about each of these bakeries below.

Hannah Neville began her pastry arts career at The Culinary Institute of America. Since then, she's worked as a pastry chef for Charlotte, N.C. restaurants such as 5Church and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. 

Hannah recently ventured out on her own to fulfill her lifelong dream of owning a bakery. Honeybear Bake Shop specializes in cookies, using creative and out-of-the-box flavors to entice and surprise customers.

Choc Chip.jpg

At Sunflour, everything is made from scratch and in small batches to ensure freshness and authenticity. All creations are handmade onsite from basic raw materials; no mixes, shortcuts or pre-made anything. Sunflour has been serving  the Charlotte, N.C. area since 2009, and the Parrish family has owned the bakery since 2014. This family embraces a love of baking, a passion for excellent service and a keen interest in contributing to the local community.

Blueberry Muffins.png

Crust Punk is the baking offshoot of FūD on the MūV, formerly FūD at Salud in Charlotte, N.C. It's been said that baking is a science. While true in some aspects, Crust Punk Baking believes it's all about using the best ingredients, following instructions, and taking your time. At the end of the day, they want to produce the Lamborghini of bagels. No one wants the Geo Metro of bagels. 

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