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A couple wandered into an art studio for a date night. Friendships were formed over common goals and values. Dreams were shared. Art was created. Months later, in the middle of a global pandemic, a partnership was established, and The Wandering Cup was born. The idea of art + coffee just made perfect sense, and incorporating our passion for travel completed the concept.

Yes, we love coffee. Yes, we love creating art. And yes, we love to wander the globe. But, really, we're all about people. Despite the many differences we all have, there are always some commonalities. We are all wanderers, aren't we? Even if we stay in one place. And we're all artists, born with the potential to create meaningful things. 

We hope you wander in so we can meet you, connect with you, and offer some love and light in your day.

Ground Coffee


Proudly serving Night Swim Coffee and Treeline Coffee Roasters


Family-owned and operated tea company

Rolling Dough


Local homemade pastries and baked goods



Create + Connect

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